Welcome to Levi Log Cabin – Viprakka 4A. This cottage is located in Levi, Finnish Lapland. We update this page for you to enjoy before and during your holiday by sharing information about the cabin, its surroundings and activities in Levi.

Tervetuloa Levi Log Cabin – Viprakka 4A:n kotisivulle. Tämä mökki sijaitsee Levillä, Suomen Lapissa. Kerromme tällä sivulla mökistä, sen ympäristöstä ja aktiviteeteista Levillä, jotta voisit virittäytyä lomatunnelmaan ennen tuloasi ja mökkiviikkosi aikana.

For booking and availability, you can contact us directly levilogcabin@gmail.com.
Varaukset ja tiedustelut osoitteesta levilogcabin@gmail.com.

Or you can book your stay with us through booking.com.
Voit myös varata lomasi booking.comista.

Latest from the Blog

Story of Levi – how to turn downsides to advantages?

In November 2021 we joined a wonderful open doors -event at Levi and had a chance to shortly visit different service providers and hear some history about Levi by our amazing tour guide. True or not, this story is worth to tell. Long time back people in Kittilä (municipal where Levi is located) were thinking…

Recipes for Cabin Chef

Poronkäristys / Sautéed reindeer One of the most traditional Lappish foods is sautéed reindeer. Whilst we definitely recommend trying the reindeer in one of the Levi’s restaurants, nothing stops you to try cooking it yourself, too! Food is rather simple. Firstly head to the shops to buy “Poron paistikäristys”. It is frozen product. Another option…

Story of #Levilogcabin

Today I had an enquiry about our cabin for following season and when I told the price, I heard another cabin’s price right across the street to us. I understand that for many it might be quite confusing how prices vary and how we can’t make bookings to “all our cabins” – it’s because we…

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