How to use?

There are some electrical / other appliances that you may wonder how to use. Here is a quick guide. Feel free to contact us during your stay, if something doesn’t work or you are not sure what to do.


Before you lit the fire, you must open the damper by pulling the white handle on the top of the fireplace. Do not close the damper before the fire is fully burn out.


To turn on the sauna, turn “time” to right side handle. You don’t need to touch the left side handle. It takes around 20 minutes for sauna to heat up. When you’ve finished, please turn the right side handle back to 0.

Air ventilation for sauna and showers

On the hallway, left side of the entrance of sauna, there is a round switch. By turning it clock-wise the air-conditioning of sauna and showers turns on. If you wish to have your sauna hot, we recommend not to use it whilst having sauna, only afterwards.

Drying cabinet

Next to the timer there are three options to choose from for the heat of the drying cabinet. 1. Låg means low, 2. Medium and 1+2 Hög means high. Words refer to temperature inside. Switching both down, the temperature is at its highest.


Before turning on the washing machine first time, make sure the tap is open by turning the handle on the left side. Push the on/off button on the top of the door down and close the door. “Coffee cup” program is usually enough for the dishes. Push start. Programme is ready when all the lights are red by forming a circle. Dishwasher tablets can be found under the sink.

Washing machine

Should you wish to use the washing machine, open the tap on the left side of the machine (auki/on – kiinni/off) and plug the machine. Washing powder is poored to the right side of the holes in the lid. Translations of the programmes:

puuvilla – cotton, vauvanvaatteet – baby clothing, synteeettiset – synthetical, arat tekstiilit – delicate textiles, pikapesu – quick wash, villa – wool, käsinpesu – hand wash, eko puuvilla – eco cotton, huuhtelu ja linkous – rinse and spinning, tyhjennys – emptying. Kansi auki – lid open.

Bluetooth speaker

Speaker is named Acton II. For pairing keep pressing source-button until your device is paired.

Coffee machine

Poor water as many cups as you wish to drink. Add filter paper and one full table spoon of coffee per cup. Turn on. Machine turns off automatically after some time.


Stove is old-fashioned electrical stove. This means that unlike induction stove or gas, it takes time to heat up and cool down. Don’t store anything on top of the stove and always ouble check that you’ve turned the stove off.