Rules of the House

Allowed: Enjoying, relaxing, having sauna as often as you wish to, putting fire in the fireplace, enjoying Finnish nature, food and magical atmosphere of Lapland.

Not allowed: Pets and smoking inside the cabin. We wish to keep our cabin allergy-free zone.

Sign in

You get a code of the box located next to door before of your arrival. With this code you get a key to access the cabin. Please leave the key in the box at all times, you have another key inside that you can take with you or you can use the code box so you don’t need to worry about forgetting or losing the keys anywhere. Sign in time is 3 pm to ensure the cottage is clean and nice for you to arrive.

Sign out

Sign out time is 11 am. Please put the dishes to washing machine and machine on, so the cleaner has time to arrange next visitor’s sign in as smooth as yours. If something breaks or doesn’t work, please let us know, so we can make the needed arrangements.

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